Collaborative Experience Training

Update on Collaborative Experience Training

The Training Committee will not be holding a Basic Training this fall and want to direct all people interested in training or needing to be trained to go to the IACP website to find a training available that meets IACP basic training standards.

The link to all the shared IACP Events/Training Calendar is 

The Training Committee will hold a May training that will be two full days, hopefully in person, on May 12th and 13th and a third day follow up Training on September 9th that will be part of the registration for the May training to allow new trainees to utilize what they learn in the May training and come back to strengthen their skills and knowledge after having a chance to apply the core May training.

Training works best when there is a minimum number of 8 trainees.

PLEASE HOLD THE DATES IF YOU ARE INTERESTED and keep your eyes open for more details in the new year.

Questions, please contact either co-chair of the Training Committee,
Louise Livesay-Al at or
Rebecca Randen at

Description of Training:
Collaborative Practice sounds deceptively simple: resolving divorce disputes without going to court. After all, most cases settle prior to trial, and most divorce professionals are decent and caring people.

But the reality is that effective Collaborative Practice requires learning a radical new set of skills for all the professionals involved. Understanding and mastering what Collaborative professionals call “the paradigm shift” is essential for competent Collaborative Practice. It really is that different.

Highlights of the training include:

  • Key structural differences in how a Collaborative case is managed from start to finish, from Commencement Meeting to Closure Meeting
  • How to prepare for a well-designed Commencement meeting that sets the tone and focus for a successful case
  • The vital role of Collaborative advocacy
  • The roles of Collaborative neutrals: Neutral Financial Professional, Neutral Coach, and Neutral Child Specialist
  • Creating a functional team that effectively blends advocacy with neutrality
  • Communication skills and strategies that are key elements to success
  • The critical role of goal-setting with clients to the success of the case
  • Document generation, including new ones like the Roadmap to Resolution
  • Conflict management skills and how to handle impasse
  • Determining what issues make a case inappropriate for Collaborative Practice
  • Discussion of ethical issues

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