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Non-litigated family law matters, including collaborative divorce, divorce, custody, parenting time, and post-decree issues. Name and gender marker changes.

New Collaborative Experience Training

Nicole Hines at Hines Law Group, LLC is a compassionate and dedicated family law attorney. With a profound understanding of the emotional, legal, and practical aspects of family law matters, Nicole strives to provide personalized solutions that empower clients to navigate challenging transitions. With a master’s degree in mental health counseling, Nicole brings a unique perspective to family law cases. This background allows Nicole to offer empathetic support and guidance, recognizing the importance of addressing the emotional well-being of clients during legal proceedings. In addition to legal expertise, Nicole holds a realtor license, offering comprehensive knowledge of real estate matters. This additional insight proves invaluable when handling property-related issues in divorce cases, ensuring clients receive well-rounded advice and representation. Furthermore, Nicole has a diverse professional background. Having previously obtained series 7 and 66 securities licenses, Nicole possesses a strong understanding of financial matters. This expertise is especially beneficial in cases involving complex asset division, enabling Nicole to navigate intricate financial considerations effectively. With training in mediation, Nicole is well-equipped to facilitate productive and cooperative discussions among parties involved in family law disputes. Nicole’s dedication to alternative dispute resolution methods allows for more amicable resolutions while reducing the stress and costs associated with litigation. As a divorced mom, Nicole understands firsthand the challenges and dynamics that clients may face in family law matters. This personal experience fuels Nicole ’s commitment to providing compassionate and client-centered representation, always striving to protect the best interests of children and families.

Graduation Year : 2000

University Attended : Hamline University School of Law

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