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The Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota was the first of more than 90 Collaborative Practice Groups that have formed around the world. We are committed to significantly expanding the awareness and use of the Collaborative process in Minnesota. We provide our members with the support they need to develop a strong Collaborative practice. Membership benefits include:

  • Training. The Institute provides essential training to improve Collaborative skills, including workshops from local and international experts. Most workshops qualify for professional continuing education credits.
  • Resources. The Institute provides support to regional practice groups, discounts on training for members, and mentoring opportunities with experienced Collaborative practitioners. Though this website, you have access to the most current forms, including the Participation Agreements, Parenting Plan, Intake Questionnaire, et cetera.
  • Marketing Support. The Institute offers a professional marketing seminar and access to the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals’ (IACP) marketing campaign that includes professionally designed brochures.
  • Website Promotions. CLI’s website provides each member with their own personal profile page with links out to their own website. CLI also assists members in promoting Collaborative practice and educating the public about Collaborative law.
  • Multidisciplinary Networking. As a member of the Collaborative Law Institute, you have the opportunity to network at trainings; on Institute committees and taskforces; and at regional, state, and international meetings.

What current members say:

“The Collaborative Law Institute provides a common ground where Collaborative professionals can interact, sharpen their Collaborative skills, and develop training and education programs to disseminate practice methods and information about Collaborative practice.”
Stu Webb, Attorney, Minneapolis

“The Collaborative Law Institute is helping me work to build my ideal family practice. Training has broadened my conflict resolution skills and the marketing assistance has allowed me to attract clients willing to participate in meaningful solutions.”
Ron Ousky, Attorney, Edina

“Membership in the Collaborative Law Institute is vital to staying on the cutting-edge of family law. The members are an energized group of professionals who are committed to carrying out the strategic plan, which includes an aggressive public awareness campaign.”
Amy Wolff, Financial Advisor, Minneapolis

“My 10-year membership in the Collaborative Law Institute and practice of Collaborative law taught me new skills, brought me more clients, and made my practice more consistent with my values. The support from like-minded legal, mental health, and financial professionals has been invaluable.”
Linda Ojala, Attorney, Minneapolis

“The CLI community has played a pivotal role in my professional formation as a family law attorney. As a solo practitioner, my CLI colleagues provide me with invaluable support, encouragement, and practical knowledge that truly serves families.”
Dave Dustrud, Attorney, Bloomington