Mission, Vision and Values

    To build and support a community of multidisciplinary collaborative professionals dedicated to making Collaborative Practice known, valued, and practiced with excellence.
    Transforming the experience of dispute resolution into a healing process for clients, practitioners and the larger community.
  1. Community — We are a thriving, multidisciplinary, international community of peacemakers with the common goal of helping clients reach deep resolution of their conflicts outside of court.
  2. Non-Adversarial – We believe in a dignified and respectful process for resolving conflict outside of court through interest identification, active listening, transparency and common understanding while discouraging argument, accusation and deception.
  3. Excellence – We aspire to excellence by pursuing our highest potential as collaborative professionals through continuous training in collaborative skill building and demonstrated by our commitment to the core values of the Collaborative Process.
  4. Integrity – We hold ourselves to our highest professional standards and personal values. We are committed to honoring the Collaborative Process and preserving the wholeness and wellness of its
  5. Leadership – We lead by inspiring and creating a way for people to bring about transformation in how disputes are resolved.