Training Date: July 18, 2018 Title: Compelling Learnings from Divorce Clients: Challenging some Assumptions about Collaborative Practice and Moving Collaborative Process into the Future Presenters: Linda Wray, Louise Livesay, Tonda Mattie and Deb Clemmensen Description: An experienced, multidisciplinary team of CLI members has spent dozens of hours analyzing intriguing data from the second large scale IACP Client Experience Survey. The rich and comprehensive findings from this recent survey invite us to reflect deeply, challenge some assumptions, and expand our repertoire of skills and practices for enhancing client experiences during and after the divorce process. A group of us are presenting an interactive workshop to CLI members to share information and ideas based on the survey. Based on our own experience wrestling with the survey results, workshop participants can expect to be surprised, challenged and inspired by what the survey results seem to be telling us. The workshop will include an overview of the study and data, but the majority of the afternoon will be an exploration of using survey results to generate our freshest and most creative ideas for taking Collaborative Practice confidently into the future.