First Presented: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 Location: 3300 Edinborough Way, Edina, First Floor Conference Room Title: Transition Planning for Kids with Disabilities: What Happens When They Grow Up? | Part II Moderator: Judy Johnson, Attorney Presenter: George Zaske, Attorney | Zaske Law Office, 651-301-9852 | zaskelawoffice@gmail.com Description: In March 2019, Barb Ziemke from PACER presented “The Transition Cliff” – the importance of long-term planning for kids with disabilities before they grow up. This training presented by George Zaske, the second in this series, is a nuts and bolts seminar on current options for such planning. Taught by CLI’S own George Zaske a collaborative attorney with extensive experience and a deep knowledge base regarding disabilities law and family planning for children with disabilities through their lifespans.  George has presented at seminars in Wisconsin and Minnesota, consulted with disabilities advocacy groups in both states, and provided expert testimony. This is a stand-alone presentation with no prerequisite for having attended the first presentation in the series. However, a recording of the Part I presentation with Barb Ziemke is available for download at the CLI website. The link for the calendar and the video shopping cart are located at the menu tab: “For Professionals.” Click “Training Videos” for recorded trainings for purchase (some are free!) and download.