State Farm Demolition
State Farm Building Demolition in Woodbury, MN
For anyone living or working in the east metro, especially Woodbury, the iconic State Farm Regional Office Building that once loomed over the Radio Drive and I94 corridor is now a pile of rubble.  It was a symbol of economic growth when it was built in 1994, then became a symbol of economic slowdown and job loss when it was vacated in 2006.  Watching as it was dismantled, I initially thought it was a waste to tear it down.  Developers tried, though, for a long time to “recycle” the building.  But who needed, wanted, or could subdivide 400,000 feet under one gargantuan roof?  So, assuming all avenues were explored, developers decided to demolish it.
The divorce process is similar to a building demo: sometimes you just need to tear everything down, in a methodical and deliberate manner, and start over.
If the interior walls are immovable, the space can’t be reconvened, and the foundation is crumbling, it might be more cost-effective to tear down and rebuild, IF you don’t charge in with a wrecking ball and create mass chaos.  The collaborative divorce process is anything BUT a wrecking ball.  It is a thoughtful, deliberate, respectful, and diplomatic approach to divorce.  Collaboratively trained lawyers are mindful of complex family systems, utilize interest-based negotiation, and help you and your spouse co-parent your children while essentially, re-configuring your family.  While it can be scary watching the walls come down, the end result is an intentional, creative, and lasting “structure” (or plan) that can actually create more stability in the future.