photo Looking for a divorce attorney can be difficult. No one has experience in this type of search and you are often going through this search in times of stress and anxiety. While there are many things to learn about a potential attorney, one of the most important things to ask about is an attorney’s post-decree work. When you divorce, ideally, you come up with a durable agreement that will last. No one wants to spend time or money re-negotiating or fighting over elements that were already addressed. However, many attorneys spend a significant portion of their time working on these post-decree disputes. Sometimes, circumstances change and there needs to be a change made to the decree. Other times, a situation has arisen that was not originally contemplated in the decree but should have been. A good agreement contemplates many unforeseen obstacles or changes. If it’s not durable, post-decree disputes may cost you time and money. An experienced collaborative attorney can help you come up with durable agreements that last. The collaborative process not only provides cost-effective resolutions, but it provides durable agreements. The use of a financial professional or child specialist to thoroughly address all issues, helps cut-down on post-decree disputes. Indeed, agreements reached in the collaborative process are often more detailed and complete than in a litigated judgment. This durability results in less post-decree issues. Ask your divorce attorney how many of their final agreements require post-decree work. Why spend the time and money finding resolutions that won’t stick? Put the work into the collaborative process so you have durability in the final resolution and can move on in your life.