T. Boone Pickens Photo Creative Commons Licensed, Author: David Shankbone Texas millionaire T. Boone Pickens found a way to save “several millions” on his divorce.    His discovery could save you something just as valuable. When T. Boone Pickens recently filed for his fourth divorce, he decided to try something different.  Rather than proceed with a traditional divorce, as he had on the previous three occasions, he decided on a Collaborative Divorce,  a process he claims saved him “ several millions”. In an interview with the Dallas Business Journal, Mr. Pickens said that said that “Collaborative law keeps everything on a high level, and everybody cooperating.” In fact, Mr. Pickens was so grateful for the Collaborative process that he has recently donated $100,000 to the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas. If you are facing divorce, this may not mean much to you since you probably are not in a position to save (or lose)  millions.  However, you may find that you can save something even more valuable.  Mr. Pickens was impressed that the Collaborative Process not only helps clients save money but saves on the “emotional wear and tear on families.”   For most families who face divorce,  this is the more crucial issue.  Collaborative Divorce is a method where attorneys and other professionals work with divorcing family for settlement purposes only and resolve issues out of court. I have represented hundreds of families  through the Collaborative Divorce process and while none of these families saved millions of dollars, many of them are just as elated because of what it saved on the emotional wear and tear on their families .  Most parents would agree that while a divorce process that saves us money can be worth millions, a process that spares the emotional wear and tear on our families can be priceless. To learn more about the Collaborative Process, go to www.Collaborativelaw.org.