Coping with Divorce

There may be substantial impact to your emotional and psychological well-being during the divorce process. Collaborative professionals can help support you or provide resources to help you take care of yourself when coping with divorce.

Do not wait until the divorce is final to begin paying attention to things like:

  • Healthy Eating and Exercise. Healthy eating and exercise are known to be directly connected to mood and overall emotional health. Keeping your body properly fueled with a sensible diet will help you stay focused and stable. Even modest exercise done regularly will brighten your moods and increase your confidence.
  • Personal Connections. While it may be tempting to withdraw, this is the perfect time to lean into your friendships and other relationships. Seek out new connections, whether at work, at church, or in your neighborhood. You may need to tell your story for awhile, but your life doesn’t need to be permanently defined by the words “my divorce.” Receive the genuine concern and support from people who care about you.
  • Support Groups or Therapy. You may need months or years to be able to sort out all the questions you have from the breakdown of your marriage. Giving yourself time to do that is critical. When asking these questions is getting you nowhere, and going in circles, it can take a lot of emotional energy.

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