A La Carte out-of-court services offered by Neutral Child Specialists trained in Collaborative Practice include:

  • Guiding parents in the creation of high quality, developmentally responsive parenting plans.
  • Meeting with children in a brief, safe, focused, child-inclusive process to honor their perspectives as stakeholders and provide context for parental decision-making.
  • Helping parents craft respectful, developmentally appropriate We Statements for the important first discussions they will have with their children about the separation or divorce.  We Statements can also be created for others including extended family, teachers and family friends.
  • Consulting with parents on specific child-focused concerns before, during and after the separation or divorce.
  • Working with parents on developing effective and respectful co-parenting communication skills.
  • Assisting parents with developmentally appropriate temporary parenting time arrangements prior to completion of their formal parenting plan.
  • Sharing with parents specific resources to support them and their children, including therapy referrals, books, and websites.
  • Providing post-decree and post-separation services to facilitate co-parenting and help resolve disputes.
  • Guiding parents in the Collaborative Process, when appropriate, in the creation of Confidential Safety Plans to strengthen and inform their parenting plans

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