Discernment Counseling

Sometimes one or both partners are uncertain whether they want a divorce. Discernment Counseling can help those couples find clarity in choosing whether to divorce or stay in the relationship. Discernment counseling is offered by many of the mental health professionals listed as coaches on the website.

  • Providing a neutral setting for honest and respectful communication. 

  • Guiding the couple in recognizing and owning their contributions to the state of their relationship over time.
  • Helping both partners achieve a better sense of acceptance and understanding of the direction or steps the couple will take as they move forward from this self-evaluation.

  • The focus is not on behavior change, but rather to clarify what exists. This may lead to change or build a framework for the future, but that is not the goal of this self-evaluation.

  • The self-evaluation is designed to be short-term (four to six sessions).
  • The process is customized to the needs of the couple’s relationship.

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