Interpersonal Dynamics

A La Carte out-of-court services offered by Coaches trained in Collaborative Practice include:

  • Consulting on divorce process options and develop a strategy for moving forward.
  • Helping you develop a plan for communicating with your former spouse during and after the divorce.
  • Helping you develop goals and strategies for a healthier relationship with your co-parent into the future.
  • Helping you identify your own emotional “blind spots” that may be getting in the way of reaching a settlement and contributing to conflict in your divorce.
  • Working on post-decree communication and problem-solving.

These services can be provided to one or both spouses, as well as in consultation with other divorce professionals for the clients.

Discernment: Is divorce the right choice?
The decision to divorce is often one of the hardest decisions a person makes in life, with long-lasting consequences. Sometimes one or both partners are uncertain whether they want a divorce. Discernment Counseling can help those couples find clarity in choosing whether to divorce or stay and work to improve the relationship. Discernment counseling is offered by many of the mental health professionals listed as coaches on the website.


  • Providing a neutral setting for honest and respectful communication.
  • Guiding the couple in recognizing and owning their contributions to the state of their relationship over time.
  • Helping both partners achieve a better sense of clarity and confidence in choosing the right path forward.
  • The focus is not on behavior change, but rather to clarify the state of the relationship. This clarity may lead to change or build a framework for the future, but that is not the goal of this self-evaluation.

A short term (four to six sessions on average), customized process.

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