“My lawyer and Coach were phenomenal – we worked as a team and met and communicated regularly regarding my goals and best interests, plus inspired and supported me as a valued person. I highly recommend the collaborative process.”

“The Collaborative divorce process] provided a forum for my partner and I to effectively communicate and understand the other’s emotions. In addition, having two professionals on ‘my team’ gave me the ability to think through my choices when away from the table.”

“The financial professional was able to articulate more clearly the options of the settlement in order to keep things moving along. The mental health professional was able to keep the proceedings calm and provide a voice of reason.”

“The benefit [of the Collaborative process] is that it is less costly, faster, and definitely more fair in that you have the professional support (financially, legally and mental health-wise) not provided in mediation. I felt my needs and concerns were heard and fought for, and that I came out of the process feeling more whole and positive than a typical adversarial divorce would have been.”

“I found the process valuable because it kept us focused on finding outcomes that met our goals for our children and our financial security. And unlike most people we know, our divorce process preserved our friendship rather than driving us further apart.”

“I believe without the collaborative process I would not have been able to get all that I did…I liked having my concerns (esp. financial concerns) addressed by the team as they were able to make him aware of what was fair to all parties involved. The ones that have most benefited from the collaborative process [have] been my children. Our parenting plan covered more than just the standard issues.”

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