Collaborative Practice acknowledges that, in all family relationships, not just heterosexual ones, the legal side of marriage, living together, parenting, and separation is perhaps the smallest piece of those relationship considerations. Specifically, that means the Collaborative approach by its nature is a process uniquely able to address topics specific to LGBT families.

Follow this link for more specific information on the support available with Collaborative Practice. 

The areas in which the Collaborative approach can support you include the following:

Beginning Relationships. Domestic Partner Agreements, Pre- or Postnuptial Agreements, Tenants in Common Agreements when you purchase a home together, or simply a trust for your joint assets.

Building a Family. Adopting a child, considering surrogacy, or legally recognizing your partner as the other parent for your biological child.

Separation. Collaborative Practice can address the legal considerations in separation, keeping focused on solutions, and giving you, your partner, and any children you may have, the respect and acknowledgement that you all deserve.